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Palma Tette

Hello! I’m Palma and I’m the Founder and Head Trainer at Bootcamp2u. I’m having fun the most, when I’m dancing the night away. People say they just don’t know what to expect when training with me, as I am always changing things up. I want to ensure maximum interactivity and everyone is having fun in ALL our sessions.

Dance Instructor

Adem Goktas

Hi, I am Adam, the Bootcamp2u Commercial Hip-hop Instructor. I strive to create a fun and uplifting workout for all dance lovers alike! My classes are beginner-friendly, and all ages are welcome to come along!


Lara Phani

Hi! My name is Lara and I’m the Bootcamp instructor and a personal trainer at Bootcamp2u. I am passionate about improving client health and aim to heighten confidence, boost energy, and secure long-term lifestyle changes in all individuals. 

Personal Trainer


Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m the Bootcamp instructor and a Personal Trainer at Bootcamp2U.I’m a mum of 2 children and I’m most passionate about weightloss, training and strength training whilst also working with pre, during and post natal training.I’m having fun the most when I’m bodybuilding, CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. I thrive on having clients achieve their goals and getting them to their strongest and happiest versions of themselves!

Dance Instructor

Ronella Slewa

Hi! I’m Ronella, and I’m one of the Latin Fever instructors at Bootcamp2U. The Latin fever classes not only help you make new friends, they also help you build up your skills, your endurance and give you a new boost of energy. I can’t wait to see you dance with us!

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