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Palma Tette

Hello! I’m Palma and I’m the Founder and Head Trainer at Bootcamp2u. I’m having fun the most, when I’m dancing the night away. People say they just don’t know what to expect when training with me, as I am always changing things up. I want to ensure maximum interactivity and everyone is having fun in ALL our sessions.

Personal Trainer

Maria Garcia

I’m Maria, I like to be called Mafe. I have eight years in the fitness world, they have made me understand that results are more satisfactory when effort and discipline are the protagonists.

I have accompanied processes of physical and mental transformation in people who have wanted to change their life habits and improve their self esteem and confidence through nutrition and training planning and continuous support.

My greatest ability is to help you achieve body recomposition, generate muscle gain, especially in booty and legs.

Personal Trainer

Caroline Dergarabedian

Hi, I’m Caroline, personal training is my passion, fueled by my dedication to helping clients achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives. I provide motivation, support, and expert guidance to guide each individual towards a stronger, fitter lifestyle. Witnessing my clients’ progress and confidence soar drives my commitment to making a positive impact through personal training.

Personal Trainer

Sara Fawzy

Hi, I’m Sara. At Bootcamp2u, I am a group instructor and PT. I bring a unique blend of exercises to every session. Competing in CrossFit and a background in medicine, I focus on your form and technique as priority to ensure each exercise you do is effective and injury-free. I have experience creating programs for both men and women of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re sweating it out in bootcamp or building that Pilates strength, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. My passion for pushing individuals beyond their limits means you’ll discover strength and abilities you never knew you had. Let’s crush your fitness goals together and unleash your full potential!

Personal Trainer

Nina Franchi

Hi, I’m Nina and I am a personal trainer at Bootcamp2u.
I am a very sporty person and love to work out and play soccer in my free time.
I want to help people be confident, and help them achieve their fitness goals and improve their health.

Dance Instructor

Adem Goktas

Hi, I am Adam, the Bootcamp2u Commercial Hip-hop Instructor. I strive to create a fun and uplifting workout for all dance lovers alike! My classes are beginner-friendly, and all ages are welcome to come along!

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