Client Testimonials

Bootcamp2u Founder

I Started bootcamp 2u with 1 client who I trained in her garage and that's why we are called bootcamp 2u because we will still come out to you if it suits your needs. Over time we grew bigger and bigger and we now offer 7 different classes with 5 different instructors. We also have a private studio in (west hoxton) for 1 on 1 training and our bigger group studio located at prestons. Let B2U help achieve your goals.

Palma Tette, Bootcamp2u Director

Real Client Success Stories

What first interested me in training with palma was her attitude. She isn’t just about training the body , she teaches you how to train your mind. The first time I ever met with palma was a sit down and goal planning session , setting goals was a key factor in getting where I am today. She pushes you to your breaking point but in the most inspiring way possible and now she has an incredible team behind her. After trying multiple PT, gyms, bootcamps, Zumba’s there is nothing that compares to lifestyle of a bootcamp2U babe !!!

Abbie, Bootcamp2u Client

I started with Bootcamp2u in May 2021 after years of trying to lose weight and struggling with my body image and self esteem. I was so nervous and self conscious but Palma and Lara made me feel so welcome and empowered. Since then not only have I lost 10kg but I have also gained so much more confidence and self esteem. What I love about B2U is that Palma doesn’t just focus on the physical changes but also mental and emotional changes which helped me to completely transform my lifestyle into something that is sustainable and can be maintained long term. I am so grateful for Palma and Lara for pushing me during every session and I can’t wait to smash more goals with Bootcamp2U.

Joanne, Bootcamp2u Client

I have lost 28 kg and kept it off with Bootcamp2u . B2u changed my mindset, they worked with me to achieve my goals, the trainers for my pt sessions targeted and helped me achieve my results. Plus I did the fun calorie burning classes, the motivation and encouragement they provided pushed me to believe in myself and not give up.

Josephine, Bootcamp2u Client

Before starting with B2U I was shy and lacking in confidence. Staring with B2U was the best decision I have ever made. I have lost a total of 20kg and I feel amazing. I now have the confidence and the discipline to set goals I would never think were possible. My next goal is to complete a bikini competition ! #Getitdone

Alicia, Bootcamp2u Client

November 30th 2020 was the day I started with Bootcamp2u and I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I made the decision to join B2U after spending the last five years in and out of hospital, battling several illnesses/conditions and medically needing to lose weight caused by these issues, and struggling with self-esteem and body image issues, including body dysmorphia.
My very first consultation I went in feeling incredibly self conscious and worried about how my body would be after spending so many years unable to do even the most basic things but Palma and Lara immediately made me feel so welcome, strong and most importantly, safe. Since then I have gone on to lose 12.4kg and over 100 inches, become so much more confident, happy and secure in myself and my body, but most importantly, becoming so much stronger, healthier and fitter, and have seen my health and my medical conditions significantly improve and stabilises. Joining B2U has completely changed my life. Starting out I was unable to through a set of squats without being in pain, today I able to comfortably and easily smash out my sets, lift weights, and do things that would not have been possible five years ago. Palma has created such an amazing community at B2U, that is so welcoming and safe where everyone from trainers to clients are so incredibly supportive, and where trying new things is encouraged and you never feel ridiculous doing so. B2U focuses on more than just the physical changes but ones health and life as a whole including mental and emotional changes. It’s because of Palma and Lara that I have been able to smash goals that seemed no longer achievable, create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that has seen me flourish. I couldn’t have done this without Palma and Lara and I will forever grateful for all they’ve done for me, for constantly encouraging and supporting me, and for helping me become the best version of me. I can’t wait to see what is ahead and to smash even more goals at Bootcamp2U

Georgia, Bootcamp2u Client

Rowena lost 5kg with our 28 day challenge

Gemma lost a total of 11kgs in 9 months and has kept it off doing 1-1 Personal training!

Ally has lost 25kg in 12 weeks and does 3 consistently 3 personal training sessions weekly.

Jesse lost 4kg with our 28 day challenge!


Hi I’m Rachel, I’m 150cm tall a mum of two kids and once weighed in at 116kgs, I’ve lost 63kgs and currently maintaining 53kgs for couple years now, my body fat sits at 12% and the rest is all muscle mass, how did I do this? I literally woke up one day and said “ enough enough!! Todays the day” I went online and found Palma from bootcamp2U and I promised myself this is not a 6 month thing where I loose 30kgs then go back to my old ways, this is a forever, my new lifestyle, healthy, clean way of living. I found who I was and now enjoy boxing, crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, and bodybuilding, I love all things fitness and love trying new workouts. So let me help you get in the best shape of your life naturally, let’s get it done!!


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